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Commissioning a Work

To commission a portrait of yourself or of a loved one of friend, there are a number of considerations to think about first. If you're not comfortable , don't worry just contact me, and we can discuss it in more detail.

If you are able to visit the studio at Montalembert, it is always far better to work from life and for Jeni to take any reference shots and poses to be used for the work. Jeni can work from life for adults, but with children, the need to sit still for long periods of time can be too trying, so Jeni prefers to take several references photos to work from.

If you are too far away to allow a personal visit to the studio, then Jeni can work from photographs provided by yourself. These photos need to be taken at a good resolution, without a flash, to allow the best results to be achieved.

Some pointers for taking photos for painted portraits:

  • Don't use a flash to take an image, it distorts and flattens the image.
  • Try and make sure there is an interesting light source onto the face, it adds much more to the finished effect.
  • Try to avoid full face-on photos of people, again it flattens the face, and makes the image less interesting try 3/4 or 7/8 angles for more interest and expression.
  • Try to avoid the "toothy grin" school of photography, A full set of teeth doesn't look attractive in a portrait, try and get you subject just at the point of a smile or in thought.
  • Take loads of different photos in different light and with different poses, try to pose you subject in a pose that relates to their interests or hobbies, or with a pet or brother or sister.
  • With children be prepared to take a lot of photos and wait until they become less conscious of the camera, many kids are conditioned to grin like an idiot if a camera appears!

Process of Commisioning a Piece

If you contact me with the details of your commission, I will happily provide you with a quote for the work.  Please send me the following information to get started:

  • requested size and medium of the piece
  • number of subjects
  • any other useful details
  • preferences, ideas or questions you have.

If you are at a distance, I will also need some sample photographs of the subject, and I may well ask you to take some different ones.

To start the commision, I will need a non-refundable 50% deposit. When it is ready, if you are a way away, I will email you a digital photo of the work, for your approval. If you can visit the studio, you can come and see the real thing.  After you approve the digital image, the remaining cost is due, and once that payment has cleared, the artwork will be ready for collection or shipping. Shipping is not included in the price of the work and will be calulated and billed at the point of sending it.

I will retain the right to use any digital copies of final images for the purposes of publicity and promotion.


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